Welcome to Epic Supply, Wholesale Plumbing & PVF Distributor!

At Epic Supply, we offer you EPIC service. From our competent, knowledgeable leadership to our friendly, qualified staff, our service will


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▶ Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs and desires of our customers in an EPIC way. The owners of Epic Supply have over one hundred years of combined experience meeting this goal in the commercial PVF and fixture business.

▶ Future

Epic Supply has built the strongest team of knowledgeable sales people in the business. We have formed alliances with the finest manufacturers in all the country for commercial plumbing supplies. We will continue to grow our facility and team to assure our customer that we will always "SURPASS THEIR EXPECTATIONS."

▶ Meet the Founders

Ross Ryon started his career sweeping floors in 1976 and has worked his way up to be an owner and manager of a great and successful company since 1991. His desire has always been to make sure his customers know that they come first and foremost in operating a business. Ross has become known as one of the most knowledgeable fixture suppliers in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Jay Hall shares a common thread with the other leaders, in that he started in the industry from the moment he graduated from college. Since entering the industry in 1994, all of his customers will tell you he is one of the most honorable men they have ever dealt with. Jay thoroughly enjoys the distribution business from plumbing to PVF products. He is very involved in sales, but is truly devoted to supporting the operation side of the business.

Rody Ryon has been an executive or owner for three different supply houses since 1950. Rody brings leadership and an unquestionable reputation to all the people that have trusted and dealt with him. His experience brings leadership and knowledge in all facets of the plumbing supply business.